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An important message from Mike Stevens, founder of ArtsCanCircle

These are challenging days but the one thing we know and have always tried to do at ArtsCanCircle is to create inspiration and connectivity between artists and the communities we visit.

We are excited about the initiative explained below. It’s so important to us right now to be able to reach as many youth in these communities as we can. You can help. We hope you will join us in sharing our messages over the coming weeks far and wide with your connections on social media and elsewhere.

Please allow us to share what our Founder Mike Stevens has sent to the Indigenous and Inuit communities that you’ve helped us continue to visit.

Be well, and, as always, thank you, The ArtsCan Circle Team

Message by Founder Mike Stevens

In these uncertain times, we at ArtsCan Circle continue to believe that your stories remain the most powerful medicine. Whether this is in song or video or spoken word or dance, we remain committed to continuing our relationships with the communities we visit.

Though our artists will not be traveling to the communities to facilitate creative art workshops due to the current pandemic in efforts to keep everyone safe, we want you to know that we aren’t going anywhere. We continue to develop our creative arts workshops and programming and our artists will be back in person when it's safe for everyone to do so.

Until then, we are excited to announce #ArtsCanConnects, a platform dedicated to sharing how you are doing. With your permission, let us know what is keeping you inspired and connected, especially through music and art. Send us a photo, a video, a few words about your day or what is going on in your community. We really want to hear from you and you’ll get a chance to see what’s going on in other communities.

#ArtsCanConnects will also highlight artists and musicians sharing their stories, talents, inspirations, and how they’re spending their days.

If connecting online is not an option, we still want to hear from you. Phone us or mail us, and with your permission, we will share your story online too!

We encourage all to practice social distancing and stay safe. Again, we can’t wait to return to your communities. Until then, see you in the virtual world!

Mike Stevens, founder of ArtsCan Circle