ArtsCan Circle
  • 18 King St. East Suite 1400 Toronto, ON M5C 1C4
  • 905 836-9117

Our Story

ArtsCan Circle brings musicians, visual artists, filmmakers and songwriters to work with Indigenous youth in communities across the north, from Nunavut to the Yukon to Alberta to Ontario to Labrador.

Founded by Mike Stevens, a virtuoso harmonica player, our mission is to listen to what Northern Youth need. Whether it’s a rap artist and sound engineer who’ll show youth how to express their world with rhymes and then record the outcome, or a songwriter who’ll coach them to develop their voice and vibe, or a filmmaker who can offer them the ability to capture their vision for the screen, ArtsCan Circle promises that if we visit a community, we’ll always return. Because building relationships between artists and youth is key to unleashing and empowering their stories..

ArtsCan Circle opens pathways, where youth not just collaborate with different artists but have access to instruments and creative tools as well so that youth can ultimately share their stories through a multitude of creative expressions

Our most important message to youth is that they are valued, youth have talents that no one else has, and they should have access to expressing their gifts because their voice is so important.