ArtsCan Circle
  • P.O. Box 20013 RPO Lansdowne Toronto, ON M6K 0G1
  • 905 836-9117
The ArtsCan Circle is an independent, non-sectarian charity dedicated to linking creative artists with indigenous children and youth in remote, northern communities in Canada. Our hope is to encourage self-esteem through a cooperative exploration of the arts.

ArtsCan Circle can facilitate US Donor & Donations

For any individual, business or organization based in the United States you can make a contribution to ArtsCan Circle through our partners in Alaska, the Bethel Community Services Foundation in a number of ways:
ONLINE: go to, click on Donate, and select ArtsCan Circle Fund as the designation.
IN-PERSON: Cash, check or credit card will be accepted at BCSF, located at 1795 Chief Eddie Hoffman Hwy.
MAIL: Checks made out to Bethel Community Services Foundation with “ArtsCan Circle Fund” in the memo can be sent to BCSF at PO Box 2189, Bethel, AK 99559.
PHONE: Credit card contributions can be made by calling 907-543-1812.
Bethel Community Services Foundation will facilitate your donation directly and provide you with a US tax receipt.

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