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Donate Musical Instruments


We thank everyne interested in donating musical instruments, equipment and art supplies. In light of the current situation with CVOID-19, to protect northern communities and our staff, we are holding off on donations of any kind until it is safe to do so. If you can, keep your donations and check back here or our social media for updates. Thank you for thinking of ArtsCan Circle during this time and we wish everyone well!

Do you have instruments in GOOD playing shape collecting dust in a closet? What about guitar strings and picks, electronic tuners, straps or instrument cases?

Youth in northern indigenous communities have little to no access to these, and when they receive a musical instrument of their very own, it can be life-changing.

Your donated musical instrument(s) will be sent to youth in northern indigenous communities where they will be appreciated and utilized.

What We Accept

ArtsCan Circle accepts new and lightly used musical instruments and accessories, music books, computer equipment, musical scores and sheet music.

Instruments We Need

  • 88-Weighted Keyboards
  • Electronic Drum Kits
  • Acoustic and Electric Guitars with cases
  • Bass Guitars with cases
  • Harmonicas
  • Ukuleles
  • Fiddles
  • Amplifiers 20W and under

What we mean by used?

All instruments need to be in good working condition. It may show signs of being used (nicks and scratches, paint wearing off, etc.) but still be fully functional and in good working condition.

What We Can’t Take

Instruments that are not working and/or unplayable/needing repairs. Instruments needing repairs often cost more than the instruments’ value while oftentimes the instruments age may make repairs impossible.

Woodwind and brass instruments are acceptable and if possible, have the instrument cleaned before donating for sanitation purposes. We do not have the space to store and ship large instruments such as acoustic pianos, stand up-organs, drum sets and speakers.

Large size instuments and unplayable instuments

We do our best to take all donations, yet large size instruments or unplayable instruments aren’t suited or shipped easily. Click here to read more for other organizations who might help you.

Pick Ups

Being a small charity we unfortunately can not pick up instruments.

It is extremely costly to get your instrument to a fly-in only community. Many people also make an OPTIONAL CASH gift either online or when dropping off the instrument that is used to prepare, pack, and ship their donated instrument to a community.

CLICK HERE if you want to make a cash donation ONLINE TODAY to defray the cost of sending your donated instrument to a Northern community (suggested $25).

NOTE: ArtsCan Circle reserves the unqualified right to use the instruments as they will best serve its mission of providing quality instruction to the youth. This pertains ONLY to specialized pieces that can be used in another capacity. ArtsCan Circle will have a conversation with the donor in the first instance and determine the best fit. This includes using the instrument to generate funds to support the purchase of additional instruments. This is so we have further outreach with the donations, with ALL instruments are donated to communities in the north.

Be sure to send us an email at to first confirm the donation. Or call our Programs Manager on 905 751 7238. Please contact us first - then get in touch with either Drop Off location to confirm a date and time. Please don't go direct to either drop off locations as we can not guarantee someone will be there to receive you.

Drop Off Location


The Jam Spot studio
1166 Gorham St #3
Newmarket, ON
L3Y 9C3

Tax Receipts

ArtsCan Circle is a registered charity. We can issue tax receipts for instrument donations if accompanied by a written estimate of value from an appropriate evaluator. Contact us for details. Any donation over $20 is tax deductible!