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Michael Cywink helped to create a mural for the wall of the local Community Centre

Pikangikum – December 2016

In December 2016 ArtsCan Circle travelled to Pikangikum with muralist Michael Cywink and a team of digital artists from Sesqui, a company dedicated to developing immersive virtual reality experiences that help us see Canada in new and inspiring ways.

Together with more than sixty learners, Michael helped to create a mural for the wall of the local Community Centre. The team from Sesqui documented the creative process digitally and will launch an animated sharing the mural win 2017.

Michael Cywink shared the deeper meaning of the symbols in the mural he helped to create:

“The theme of the mural, Water is Life, is based on the 7 Grandfather Teachings. The teachings are like the web of a Dream Catcher, where you cannot have one teaching alone, they are all-inclusive.

For instance:

The ‘Courage/Bravery’ of the youth to participate within this project;

The ‘Love’ we all felt working together;

The ‘Truth’ that water is life; as we are born and grow in the water of the womb;

To ‘Respect’ each other and the cultural aspect that creativity is our tradition;

The ‘Honesty’ we shared throughout those 48 hours, being together/painting and working as a team;

The ‘Wisdom’ to know that we were all creating something good;

And ‘Humility’ – that is hard to put into words.

These teachings are not separate but all-encompassing in the now of that time.

Again, reflecting on the handmade Dream Catcher hoop, once it is bound together – to me it is symbolic of our life cycle.”

~ Michael “Cy” Cywink, Muralist ~

Mary Watson

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