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Papillon Vinyl Fundraiser

Papillon Vinyl Fundraiser Happening Now! Musician John McMillian is generously donating all proceeds of the Special Pressing vinyl of his new album, Papillion, to ArtsCan Circle. The goal is to raise proceeds of $4000 from this campaign!

"Listening to John play live is like watching someone paint with sound. Broad strokes of light, airy pastels that make you lean back and contemplate the space, defined by darker, urgent, quicksilver accents that make you lean in to pay attention to detail.”

Papillon Awards and Recognition: Fourteen Days - Winner, 2020, International Acoustic Music Awards (Instrumental), Greenfields - Finalist, 2020 International Acoustic Music Awards (Instrumental), Better Days - Honourable Mention, 2020 USA Songwriting Competition, Papillon - Finalist, 2019 International Acoustic Music Awards (Open Category)

For your purchase of $35 or more (inclusive of taxes and shipping), you will receive one of 200 copies of the Special Pressing of Papillon, along with a free album download.  Click here to order

You can also purchase the download only for $5, with all the proceeds to ArtsCan Circle. For the digital download, go to

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