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Mimi OBansawin ArtsCan Circle Advisor
Mimi O’Bonsawin
ArtsCan Circle Advisor

Mimi O’Bonsawin is an award-winning, roots songstress. Although based in Toronto, you can find Mimi out on the road bringing songs and stories to diverse audiences all over this country and abroad. Her songs are heavily influenced by her Franco-Ontarian and Abenakis roots and flow through a centre of love and creativity. Her compositions are nurtured by the beauty of her home landscape, Northeastern Ontario and her performances honest and raw.

With a recent award at the nationally recognized Indigenous Music Awards and songs placed in TV, Mimi is gaining momentum. Sandy Mowat, a CBC programmer has said: “Mimi may be the hardest working woman in the singer-songwriter biz!”. In a time where you may feel like it has all been done before, Mimi is a rare find. She is one of a kind. When you meet her, you will know it. You can follow her journey at