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Laura Vukson Executive Director Artscan Circle
Laura Vukson
Executive Director Artscan Circle

Laura Vukson is Tlicho Dene First Nation and mother of two small boys. She is an advocate for Indigenous Youth, the arts, and mental health.

Laura is the Executive Director for ArtsCan Circle, a charity that connects Indigenous, Inuit, Innu and Metis youth in remote northern communities with artists across North America.

She holds a degree in International Development from York University. In 2016 Laura, along with 22 other Indigenous women from around the world, partook in the Foro International de Mugeres Indigenas scholarship program at the United Nations and Columbia University in NYC. Laura has also worked as an Outreach Worker, Researcher Assistant and Event Coordinator, most recently on a pilot project called “Indigenous People with Disabilities Know their Rights.” She has also worked as a volunteer aid worker in a Liberian Refugee Camp in Africa, as well as in child centres across Asia.

Laura has published essays in the Globe and Mail and in women’s journals. She lives with her family a few hours north of Toronto.