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Listen to “In The End” created by youth in Attawapiskat: 2017

Listen to the empowering song “In the End” created, performed & recorded by Indigenous youth in Attawapiskat during our 2017 workshops. This piece is thought provoking, and showcases the diverse talents of Indigenous youth! They have strong stories to tell, strong voices and strong artistic talents – we’re there just to give them the means to express it!

“The real story is inside the youth that live there. They continue to overcome amazing obstacles – things that would make of us just give up. They have something really important for all of us to hear and learn from.” Mike Stevens

After hearing this track, we’re looking forward to hearing what comes out of our 2018 workshops!


– In The End – 

V1-I don’t wanna give up, I hope that I’ll see

The faces I love, the ones that I’ve lost, like you and me

They call me crazy, I like to get fade

Makin’ the most of our youth, don’t get jaded

You’re only a teenager once…in this lifetime

Pre-Doing what we want, what we need

Doing what we want, what makes us free


Don’t give up now, it’s not the end

Just startt over, do it again-2X

Refrain Line-Its  not the end, until you’ve given up

V2-My teacher told me, don’t get so faded

That you turn black, be a rainbow

Feed your colors and they will grow

Our scars have made us, who we are

You kow someone who is ashamed of my past

I’m actually proud cuz that I’ll last

I know I made a lot of mistakes, but these are my lessons


Laura V