ArtsCan Circle
  • 18 King St. East Suite 1400 Toronto, ON M5C 1C4
  • 905 836-9117

In response to COVID-19, ArtsCan Circle created an online platform called #ArtsCanConnects, dedicated to continuing to connect youth with artists. This was done by pre-recorded and LIVE virtual workshops and events.

In 2020, we recorded 17 #ArtsCanConnects virtual workshops with some of North America’s most exciting artists and inspirational talks and performances by Buffy Sainte-Maire, Leela Gilday and Susan Algurkark.

The #ArtsCanConnects workshops consisted of beading, beatboxing, drumming, drama, poetry, documentary filmmaking, creative writing, harmonica and guitar.


TO WATCH all of our #ArtsCanConnects workshops, please go to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL