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In-Person Workshops

The workshops take place during school hours, after-school programs and on weekends. The typical age range is from JK to Grade 12. We also offer mentorship programs to students who wish to continue their creative art education. We encourage all remote northern communities to reach out to ArtsCan Circle to learn how their youth can be involved.

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Gjoa Haven, NU

Fort Albany Workshops

In February 2021, ArtsCan Circle and 67 Records partnered to collaborate on creative art workshops and a mentorship program in Fort Albany, northern Ontario. The format of the ArtsCan Circle Workshop is called Healing Through Music—the brainchild of recording engineer Jeremiah Otis. This workshop takes a trauma-informed approach to the art of music-making and video production—teaching youth what they are capable of through the free-flowing expression of music and video, from lyrical development to the final take of video production. Artists train youth to learn the power of expression and give them the tools to deal with trauma positively and dream big. Youth have an opportunity to learn teamwork, filming, recording, songwriting, singing, visual arts and how to create a music video. Artistic tools, refreshments and meals are provided.

In 2021, ArtsCan Circle Healing Through Music completed 52 workshops and created seven music videos. Head to ArtsCan Circle’s YouTube Channel and subscribe to show your support! A One-Month Workshop/Mentorship Program was held in the Spring of 2022. The next Workshop Series will kick start on November 7, 2022, at the Community Hall in Fort Albany.


Music Videos

Artist Mentors

Jeremiah Otis Artist Mentor for Artscan Circle

Jeremiah Otis
Jeremiah Otis started working with Feathers of Hope a branch of the Ontario Child Advocate office in 2014 after attending the Youth Justice Forum. Jeremiah was a representative for the Mushkegowuk Region speaking on behalf of youth regarding the issues they face eventually speaking at the Gladue Conference directly confronting policymakers on the validity of the Gladue System. Jeremiah started working as a facilitator for several other forums working on music and storytelling development workshops. In 2017 Jeremiah developed a peer-to-peer support network to aid the community dealing with the previous year’s Suicide crisis in Fort Albany. In 2016 Jeremiah formally started doing music under the name J.Otis creating the first rap group mad squad, an indigenous youth rap group based out of Fort Albany.

After moving to Timmins, Jeremiah formally developed the program “Healing through music” to aid children with their crisis through the power of music to give them a sense of community again. During this time, Jeremiah started working in a larger capacity doing vocal engineering for himself and numerous artists. In 2019 Jeremiah started working with Jordan Cheechoo to help him secure a production contract with Universal Music Group all while producing 4 songs. Jeremiah did a touring circuit in Toronto performing at several clubs and venues as an independent artist.

After moving back to Fort Albany Jeremiah became a frontline community worker on the flood watch transitioning to the pandemic support team. In 2020 Jeremiah enrolled in Algonquin college’s music engineering and business program with ambitions of taking his recording company 67 records worldwide.

Christopher Cottle Artist Mentor for Artscan Circle

Christopher Cottle
Christopher Cottle, from Toronto Ontario is a Youth advocate that has spent most of his life developing strategies to help amplify youth voices through his love of media and communication. Being a former youth the care his work started working with the Child-welfare sector to help express the concerns of youth from south-western Ontario. After getting the chance to work directly with the former Ontario Child Advocates office he worked alongside youth from across the province to develop regulatory policies for Bill 89 the updated child and family services act. After starting work with the OCA in a formal capacity as a Communication expert Christopher developed events and interviews to highlight the struggles and ambitions of children in the offices Mandated areas. After meeting Jeremiah Otis at the OCA’s final Feathers of Hope forum Christopher started working to lay the groundwork for his future projects and collaboration. Christopher became the producer of the CYC podcast network in 2019 and worked alongside Professor Wolfgang Vachon of Humber College social welfare program to produce interviews revolving around a professional in the social services sector all while producing short films and music videos with the Bawaadan collective. After producing the well-received Midland Motel 77 short film with the collective he has continued to work with various organizations as a content producer and advertising consultant for organizations like TechZenik, OSS Motorsports and TakingITGlobal specifically on their #RisingYouth grant program.

Now Christopher has his sights set on developing a global presence for both 67 Records and Project Outsiders.