ArtsCan Circle
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ArtsCan Circle Initiatives

#ArtsCanConnects, Healing Through Music and Workshops are free initiatives to engage, inspire and connect Indigenous, Inuit, Innu and Metis youth with artists across North America to further artistic expression through creativity, education, teamwork and mentorships.

All remote northern communities across Canada are encouraged to reach out to ArtsCan Circle to learn more about future partnerships. We strive to provide virtual workshops and events, in-person workshops, instruments and artistic tools, and mentorships to help ensure that youth can have equal access to the arts.


We listen and respond to what the community expresses as a need.
We cultivate meaningful, long-lasting, respectful relationships.
We are flexible and inclusive.

How to have your community or school involved? (Frequently asked questions)

  • A Letter of Invite from the Band Office is needed.
  • Consultation phone call with ArtsCan Circle staff on what style of workshops/events and Artist Ambassadors best suits your community’s needs.
  • What are the various types of workshops offered? Keyboard and music theory, recording, filming, creative writing, drumming, visual arts, poetry, guitar, ukulele, fiddle, traditional beading, beatboxing and drama classes.
  • Participant’s ages for the workshops? The focus is youth; However, based on the community’s needs, the workshops can be open to all ages.
  • Instruments and Artistic Tools? We rely on donations from the public—excellent or gently used instruments. We work with various partnerships on getting these items shipped up to the community.
  • How do we fund the programming? Our staff writes grant proposals, private and public donors, and individuals hosting fundraising events.
  • Is there a fee for an ArtsCan Circle workshop? No, but we do work closely with band offices, and if possible, the band provides half/full cost of the food (closing ceremony/graduation/jam session.) When artists travel to communities, teacher accommodations are sometimes provided when there is no hotel in the community.
  • What is required from a community or school post-workshops/events? A feedback form, which provides valuable information for grant applications, reports and how to improve the quality of the workshops.
  • Signed photo/video release forms of the workshops/events.



Partner Communities