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Indigenous studies now mandatory in southern Ontario schools

They say if you are persistent, determined and patient then your dreams will eventually come true.

For thirteen high schools in Southern Ontario and the Indigenous community across Canada, this dream of Truth and Reconciliation is becoming an imminent reality.

The Indigenous voices course, is now a mandatory English credit for all grade 11 high school students in the Kawartha Pine ridge District School Board.

It’s only the fourth school board in Ontario to make the course mandatory.

Teachers have been provided with new teaching resources and have received cultural competency training.

The move by the Ontario government is seen as an act of reconciliation.

Métis teach Marilyn Robitaille has been teaching English for the past 15 years.

Now she gets to include Métis culture in the curriculum.

“Actually it’s a dream come true for me being able to share some of the personal aspects of my life with students in a way that is meaningful,” Robitaille said.

This is an important step forward and it is being done in a way that is respectful and observant of indigenous cultural practices. Truth and Reconciliation needs our schools to get involved so that students today, can learn from the lessons of our past and create a future that is loving and accepting of all cultures, particularly our First Nations, whose legacy is an integral part of our history.

Words by Glenn Marais adapted from the article by Annette Francis at APTN News Watch & Read More Here

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