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Youth navigating the turbulent waters of their adolescent years

“Firemakers” shares the story of a small group of Fort Albany youth navigating the turbulent waters of their adolescent years.

Toronto, ON, Sunday, April 11, 2021–
After initially postponing the creation of “Firemakers” due to COVID-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions, ArtsCan Circle and 67 Records have now completed this music video filmed entirely in Fort Albany First Nation. Under the mentorship of recording engineer Jeremiah Otis and filmmaker Christopher Cottle, youth participated in a ten-day ArtsCan Circle “Healing Through Music” workshop. It consisted of songwriting, recording, filming, editing, and creative teamwork. The music video features: Yung Cherry Bomb, Lil Mikey, Krazy K, and Tease T.

“Firemakers” encapsulates the story of being young and navigating a world where it’s sometimes best to make your own rules. Home isn’t always safe, and so a small group of friends makes the decision to stay outside till sunrise, the haunting presence of a lone rez dog following them wherever they go. The music video captures these youth wandering through the raw beauty of Fort Albany, playing hide and seek with local police as they explore their landscape, rapping about what they see and feel. Capturing that delicate and fleeting world between childhood and adulthood, the project itself is dedicated to healing intergenerational trauma, including finding healthy ways for youth to express themselves.

The video will premiere on ArtsCan Circle’s YouTube Channel and Spotify. Slaight Family Foundation funded this project.

Contact: Laura Vukson, Executive Director (905) 836-9117 (office)

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