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Donations to Fort Albany have students lining up at the door

Gary Atkins is an engineer and producer, an Apple Certified trainer and is on board to set up a recording studio and run workshops on using LOGIC recording software with the youth of Fort Albany.

Gary is the Technology Co-ordinator for the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto). As a Sibelius “Ambassador,” Gary travels to trade shows and educator conferences across the continent to demonstrate the Sibelius software for teachers and other educators. He is a Logic 9 and Logic X Master trainer and Canada’s only Certified Sibelius trainer. Gary co-wrote the music for the CTV series Creepy Canada with Martin Deller. In 2007, he became an Apple Distinguished Educator and has presented workshops across North America on recording, composing and using software, Since 2014, Gary has taught composition and guitar at the internationally renowned Leahy Music Camp.”

Gary managed to secure a donation of a 17″ Macbook Pro from Dave Young and ArtsCan had it upgraded and purchased a Seinnheiser Interface to go with the computer. In addition he received a loan of 6 Macbook Pro’s from Apple for the students to work with. He brought his guitar maintenance tool kit and he is fixing and setting up the guitars in the community and giving guitar lessons as well as teaching students how to operate the LOGIC recording software and Garage Band.

Gary’s efforts to prepare for this trip have gone above and beyond and he is carrying that forward into the community making community connections with the school, a local Elder and youth council. Gary has stated how strong this team is and how well they are working together in teaching the youth and making those important community connections.

To quote Gary, “they are literally lining up at my door to do the workshops!”

Laura V