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ArtsCan Circle partners with Bethel Community Services Foundation to facilitate US donations

ArtsCan Circle is proud to announce our partnership with Bethel Community Services Foundation (BCSF) in Alaska! Bethel Community Services Foundation works to develop, grow, continue and enhance community-based programs and services in Alaska and afar, and now they are supporting ArtsCan Circle!

ArtsCan Circle Founder, Mike Stevens similar outreach work throughout rural Alaska, typically in Interior and YK Delta region villages. BCSF manages the fund for Mike Stevens’ Alaska-based work called Healing Through Music and Dance. It was this collaboration that led to BCSF’s introduction to ArtsCan Circle, the Canadian counterpart to Healing Through Music and Dance.

With the addition of ArtsCan Circle to its funds list, BCSF can assist donors interested in connecting people in the United States looking to support ArtsCan Circle can now do so securely through BCSF here:

Read more from BCSF’s executive director Michelle DeWitt & ArtsCan’s executive director Laura Vukson on the partnership.

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