ArtsCan Circle
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ArtsCan Circle is a registered charity dedicated to linking creative artists with indigenous youth in northern indigenous communities.

ArtsCan Circle, founded in 2002, was inspired by the work of Mike Stevens, a multi-talented harmonica player who began by travelling to communities in Labrador to share his music with youth. On these visits, Mike has distributed hundreds of harmonicas to help his young listeners discover music for themselves.

ArtsCan Circle now sends teams of indigenous and non-indigenous musicians and artists to engage children and youth in northern indigenous communities in creative art workshops. Our mission is to teach new skills, promote self-esteem and creative self-expression. ArtsCan Circle visits the communities of Pikangikum, Fort Albany, Attawapiskat, Natuashish and Gjoa Haven. In the past, ArtsCan Circle has held workshops at Sheshatshiu, Misheegogamang, Wabaseemong, Eabametoong and Kugluktuk.


Mike Stevens – A Walk in My Dream
A chance encounter with at-risk youth in Northern Labrador alters the course of harmonica virtuoso Mike Stevens’ professional path and leads to an epiphany of why he plays music in the first place.

Mike Stevens’ CBC Radio Interview – Listen to Mike’s initial interview on CBC’s As It Happens radio show from the CBC archives broadcast Nov. 23, 2000. “The healing power of music at Davis Inlet”

We invite you to read the transcription of Mike’s story

Have you seen Mike Stevens’ TEDx Talk at Gabriola Island? Great to see Mike be a part of this franchise and highlight some of the challenges faced in our Northern Communities.

Artscan has visited the following communities

  • Gjoa Haven
  • Pikangikum
  • Fort Albany
  • Attawapiskat
  • Sheshatshiu
  • Dokis
  • La Seul
  • Sioux Lookout
  • Misheegogamang
  • Wabaseemong
  • Eabametoong
  • Kugluktuk
  • Moose Factory
  • Natuashish
  • Rankin Inlet
  • Thunder Bay

What's Happening Today

We’ve had a busy start to 2019! We kicked off our programming with workshops to Fort Albany, Attawapiskat & Gjoa Haven thus far.

From April 8 – 12, we headed back to Fort Albany with Mob Bounce. Mob Bounce is two Indigenous Hip Hop artists who fuse EDM into their music with traditional and contemporary aspects. Craig is Gitxzan and Travis is Cree/Metis. Together Travis and Craig’s gripping lyricism delve into spirituality, social awareness/justice, and Mother Earth connection. Their workshops are sure to inspire!

Later in February, we returned to Gjoa Haven with singer/songwriter Cindy Paul, also on her third trip with us and visual artists and violinist Jessamin Flynn on her second trip also. We worked with Anti-Bullying Day and the School here.

We also made our return to Attawapiskat with B-Boy/Producer Lee Pham and Deborah Hui and Terri Yu, two pianists from Toronto teaching classical and contemporary skills in piano. This workshop supported the successful awarding of a TD MusiCounts gear and equipment grant where ArtsCan shipped 3 x MacBook Pros, 6 x keyboards, 6 x guitars and numerous other accessories to Vezina Secondary in Attawapiskat.

Stay tuned as we plan the next quarter of 2019!