ArtsCan Circle
  • 585 Dundas Street East (3rd floor) Toronto, Ontario M5A 2B7
  • 905 836-9117

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision
ArtsCan Circle is dedicated to indigenous children and youth in indigenous communities in northern Canada. Indigenous youth are our country’s fastest-growing demographic. Our hope is to encourage self-esteem amongst Indigenous youth through creative arts.
Our Mission
ArtsCan Circle collaborates with the participating communities and helps provide a connection between creative artists and indigenous children and youth through workshops. The workshops consist of drumming, playing instruments, songwriting, recording, dancing, singing, drama and visual arts. Youth and children are encouraged to find their voices and express themselves through their artwork. We build and strengthen relationships by consistent involvement in each participating community by visiting each community twice a year. Communities are providing feedback that they find the programs extremely valuable for the children and youth. The more reasons and inspiration they have to come to school, the more likely they are to stay in school and finish their education.

meet our team

Amanda Hurst Operations Manager
Operations Manager Artscan Circle
Amy Bierk Board Member
Board of Directors
Glenn Marais Programs Manager Artscan Circle
Programs Manager
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James Warren, ArtsCan Circle’s Treasurer
K Bruce McGregor Chair of Artscan Circle
Chair of ArtsCan Circle
Laura Vukson Executive Director Artscan Circle
Executive Director Artscan Circle
Mike Stevens Founder of Artscan Circle
Founder of Artscan Circle